Did you know we offer coffee subscriptions?

Subscriptions are designed to make enjoying your favorite coffee beans more convenient and cost effective than ever before!

With out subscription service, you can now have your preferred coffee beans delivered directly to your doorstep at regular intervals, ensuring that you never run out of your favorite brew.

Convenient; Set your delivery schedule and forget about the hassle of reordering your coffee beans.

Savings; 5% discount for a 6-month subscription or a 10% discount for a 12-month subscription.

Flexible; Easily manage your subscription online, allowing you to adjust your delivery frequency, change your selection, or cancel anytime.

Juts head to the website to subscribe!

Cold Brew.

Unlike traditional hot coffee methods that utilize heat to extract flavors quickly, cold brew coffee relies on time to achieve a rich and mellow taste.

The most common cold brew technique involves steeping coffee grounds in cold water for 12-24 hours, either at room temperature or in the refrigerator. The slow extraction process results in a concentrate that can be diluted with water or milk before serving.

Due to the prolonged steeping process, cold brew tends to be less bitter and acidic that hot brewed coffee.

It boasts a smoother, sweeter taste with subtle notes of chocolate, caramel and nuts.

Tips for Making Cold Brew at Home.

Use coarsely ground coffee beans to prevent over extraction.

Experiment with different coffee to water ratios to find your preferred strength.

Allow the coffee grounds too steep for at least 12 hours for optimal flavor extraction.

Strain the brewed coffee concentrate though filter or fine mesh sieve to remove sediment.

Serve over ice, black or with your choice of milk.

How Does Humidity Impact Your Perfect Cup of Coffee?

Hey coffee lovers, guess what? Humidity plays a vital role in brewing your perfect cup of joe! It impacts how your coffee beans grind, influencing the taste and aroma.

When the air is humid, coffee beans can absorb moisture, affecting their flavor and freshness.

Additionally high humidity can lead to clumping and clogging in coffee grinders, resulting in uneven extraction and a less satisfying brew.  Furthermore, in humid conditions, brewed coffee can lose its complexity and appear duller in flavor. Therefore, understanding how humidity affects your coffee and making adjustments to your brewing process can help you maintain the perfect cup in less-than-ideal conditions.

To mitigate the effects of humidity when making coffee at home, it’s important to store coffee beans in a cool, dry place in airtight containers, and to adjust brewing parameters as needed to account for changes in humidity. Additionally, regular maintenance and cleaning of coffee-making equipment can help prevent issues related to humidity.

We are an Espresso Bar centrally located in Cardiff Shopping Centre brewing a killer coffee with SMAK Coffee Beans.

Our passion is coffee!  To drink coffee, brew coffee and chat about coffee.

You can purchase your SMAK Coffee Beans direct from us as well as Decaf Coffee, Drinking Chocolate and Chai.

We pour SMAK Coffees House Blend which has a smooth medium-dark roast profile.

If your craving that same coffee you had from us for your home, head to www.smakcoffee.com to buy your coffee beans online and have them delivered to you.

The George Espresso is located amongst Georgetown Shops, pouring rich espresso by local roaster’s SMAK Coffee.

The George is part of the fabric of Georgetown, opening six years ago with the first site in the old video/lolly shop.  We then moved to a new site in the middle of the Georgetown shops.

The baristas are local guides, friends and kids go to for their babycinos.

A rich, vibrant space where you will only ever find quality espresso and friendly banter.