SMAK House Blend Coffee Beans – 500gms

$25.00 inc. GST.

True to our name, the SMAK House Blend brings full bodied coffee beans, with in your face flavour. A smooth caramel taste with a satisfying finish.

  • Medium to Dark Roast
  • Three Bean Blend

3 reviews for SMAK House Blend Coffee Beans – 500gms


My favourite coffee ever! I’ve been ordering SMAK beans for the last few years, delivery is always fast and I love the post cards from the team!


It’s often difficult to find a coffee which is smooth and delicious but also packs a killer punch to get you started for your day. SMAK is one of the few coffee blends I’ve found which can deliver this. I have been drinking SMAK coffee for a couple of years now, whether it be in house by one of their excellent baristas, or through purchasing their ground espresso grind for aero press use, the result is always a smooth, strong delicious coffee.


Got given a bag of their coffee. Now my new favourite! An awesome drop!

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